The stylist advises how to combine shoes this season

Loafers are a timeless classic. They are abundant this season, so you can freely let new winds into your wardrobe. The most interesting thing is that you can choose the ones that suit your taste. This season is characterized by renewed shapes, textures and colors. You can also find nostalgic versions that point to 90's-00's . Of course, classic loafers are not going anywhere, only their soles have become larger and the decor more expressive. Metal oversized details, platforms, sleek shapes or even bright and pastel colors are this season MUST HAVE .
The funniest thing is that the loafers have a universal design, a minimalist silhouette. You can choose leather or suede. Such shoes will last a long time and no matter how much you invest, loafers will remain relevant and fashionable.

How to combine loafers?

Let's move on to the tips. Loafers have many different styles that you can choose from. The question of what to combine with often arises, so we will provide examples of combinations for everyday or formal occasions.

Jacket + shorts + T-shirt

Lacquered loafers are recommended to be combined with basic clothes, these are clothes with few details, earth (sand, blue, black, green, brown) colors and a simple (straight) silhouette.

Jacket + jeans + T-shirt

Black leather loafers are paired with dark shades more for the winter/autumn seasons. For the spring/summer season, it is better to choose bright colors, but it is important that they are deep and rich. If you want to look stylish, basic clothes will help achieve the result.

Sweater + dress

Minimalist loafers with a thin sole in genuine leather will go well with light summer clothes. It can be a linen dress, a satin suit, a chiffon skirt or shorts.

Shirt + pants

The cream color of the loafers is very versatile and easy to combine, feel free to choose them for spring/summer. The sole of the loafers has a platform, so it is important to balance the proportions and match with oversized clothes.

Midi skirt + jacket + T-shirt

Dark leather loafers are classified as cold season, best suited for autumn. Therefore, it should be combined with clothes of thick material and dark shades.

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